Frequently Asked Questions

What does Baydin do?
It is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that analyzes the selected email message and displays related documents from your co-workers and your personal computer instantaneously. It does this by searching across the enterprise via shared network drives and Sharepoint sites. Baydin introduces you to knowledge that you did not know exists from co-workers you have not necessarily met.

What are the system requirements?
Microsoft Outlook 2007 SP2 (running Windows XP, Windows Vista).
500MHz processor or greater.
512MB RAM or higher.
10MB Hard Disk Space.
Internet connection.

What is your privacy policy?
Baydin runs 100% on your computer. You can disconnect your computer from the Internet and see for yourself. Baydin does not send the content of your email message or files from your computer over the Internet. We may, however, look at anonymized behavior data. For example, we may count how many times you click on one of our recommendations. For additional information, see our Privacy Policy.

How do I get Baydin software?
Just register on our website and we will send you the Baydin software URL.

How do I leave feedback?
You can click on the Baydin button in the panel and select the “Send Feedback” menu. You can also email

Baydin seems to have contextual features. What are they?
Baydin recognizes addresses, events and contact information. When it recognizes an address, you can view the address in a map. When it finds an event, it can add it to your calendar. Similarly, when it recognizes contact information, it will auto-populate a contact with the relevant information.

Installation Instructions

  • a)

    Close MS Outlook 2007 if it is running. Once your registration has been accepted, you will receive an email with a hyperlink to download Baydin. Click on the download link and follow the instructions on the download page. Save it to a location that you will not move. Baydin will proceed to install.

  • b)

    To get the most value out of Baydin, you should direct it to search through network drives and Microsoft Sharepoint. Double-click the indexing utiltity we included in the install folder to automatically find network drives and folders. The indexing utility is in BaydinAlpha4 -> IndexingUtility. Double click on the icon that says "IndexingUtility" of type Application. On some systems it will be called IndexingUtility.exe. The tool will automatically find shared drives and folders. Select the locations you want Baydin to search. In addition, a lot of files may be in your work group's Sharepoint site. Baydin can recommend files from there also. Click here to add Sharepoint sites to your search.

Usage Instructions

  • a)

    Launch Outlook 2007 from the Windows Start Menu -> All Programs –Microsoft Office > Microsoft Outlook2007

  • b)

    Select an email to read by clicking on it in the box.

  • c)

    Relevant documents from your computer will show up in the right side panel, as shown in Figure 1.

  • d)

    If you find any of them of interest, click on any of the recommended documents.

  • e)

    Right click on “Tags” to add additional descriptions if you feel that the document is important and you want to find it easily in the future through Baydin.

  • f)

    You can also rate the results as to how relevant it was for a given email by using the slider bar.

Windows Desktop Search
Windows Desktop Search 4.0 is fast and allows for instantaneous search across emails, attachments, media files and documents. Baydin requires MS Desktop Search. You can download it at Microsoft’s Windows Search 4.0 webpage. Just follow the directions to install it.

Sometimes, the Baydin panel does not appear when I launch Outlook. How do I get it back?
You can re-enable the Baydin panel. Go to Outlook's Menu. Click:
Tools -> Trust Center -> Select "Add-Ins" on the left column ->Click "Go" -> Put a check on the Baydin Checkbox -> Click "OK"
That'll get Baydin visible in Outlook in a jiffy.

In case I want to remove the Baydin panel, how would I uninstall it?
You can remove Baydin by going to the
Windows Start Menu -> Control Panels -> Add Remove Programs
-> BaydinForONE -> Remove