Automatic Search

no more search box!

It’s official – the search box is obsolete.

When you select an email, Unsearch goes to work locating the emails and documents that will help you answer it. We deliver everything you need to know right into Outlook, without you having to lift a finger. No more rifling through folders, and no more ghastly advanced search dialog boxes.

Where does Baydin search?

  • All your email
  • Documents on your computer
  • Shared folders
  • SharePoint sites

Why is this better than Desktop/Enterprise Search?

The structure of inter-linked documents that makes keyword search so powerful on the web doesn’t exist on the desktop or in your corporate network. So it takes a lot of effort to find the right information.

Baydin is the first company to recognize that your email provides a ton of insight about what files you’re really interested in seeing. With Baydin, you can stop wondering about whether or not information is out there, where it is stored, or which keywords to pick to find it. Just sit back, relax, and read your email. The future of search is here today.

Effortless Collaboration

dog reading email

Baydin captures your company’s collective knowledge. Whether corporate data is stored in dozens of SharePoint sites distributed across the globe, a single shared folder in your office, or even in your email, Baydin unlocks the power of that information and puts it at your fingertips.

Baydin integrates with existing infrastructure in your company. Your IT folks don’t need to install a new server, and you don’t need to replace your existing SharePoint sites or shared folders. Most important, you don’t have to change how you work. No new software, no learning curve, just read your email and let us handle the rest.

And you don’t have to worry about privacy or security. Baydin runs exclusively on your local computer, so you only see files that you already can access. And we never transmit any information about your email to anyone, ever, period.

Intelligent Message Threading

baydin panel with message threading

Baydin adds first-class message threading to Outlook. We’ll show you all the messages that have been exchanged in the thread you’re reading, complete with mouseover previews, so you can easily find the specific one you’re looking for.

Even better, click the Attachments or URLs tab in our threaded message display, and we’ll point out all the attachments and links sent in the thread, regardless of which message included them.

Baydin includes the same functionality for the people in your Inbox. When you select a message, Baydin will find all the messages, files, and URLs you’ve exchanged with the sender of that message.

Instant Results

Baydin’s automatic search happens instantly. Unlike other search solutions, Baydin does not run an indexer in the background. That means we’re not chewing up your hard drive or bringing Outlook to its knees.

The only time Baydin runs anything on your computer is the half-second after you select a new email message. The rest of the time, we’re out of the way, so you can get your work done.

Event Detection

Emails like “Let’s get lunch tomorrow at noon” or “Let’s reschedule our meeting to 11 on Friday” describe events, even if they’re sent as regular emails instead of Outlook meeting requests. Baydin identifies them as events, so you can add them to your calendar with just one click. We’ll fill in all the details, extracting the date, time, and location from the text of the email automatically.

The calendar events we create go into your regular Outlook calendar, so they sync with your phone, your hosted calendar in the cloud, or wherever else you need them.

And we do it well. Our tests show that we get it right 25% more often than the folks at Gmail, which makes us tickled pink.

Capture and Extract Contact Info

From your inbox
outlook inbox with contact in the email signature
To your address book
outlook address book prefilled with contact info
In one click!

When someone includes contact information in their email signature, Baydin collects it and sets up an Outlook contact with all of the information filled in, with a single click.

Keeping Outlook’s contact list updated is more important than ever, because synchronizing contacts between Outlook and your smartphone keeps you good on the go. Other solutions store phone numbers in their own proprietary database. We integrate them into your contact list, where they should be.

Forgotten Attachment Reminder

Ever sent an email like this? “Sorry, I forgot to attach the file…” And it’s always an important attachment too, like a job application, a tax document, or the screenplay you’ve spent months writing.

With Baydin, if you’re about to send an email where you mention an attachment, but you forget to include it, we’ll alert you before Outlook actually sends the message.