Boomerang for Outlook Classic

Uh oh, what'd we break?

Infrequently-Asked (we hope!) Questions

The Boomerang menu disappeared! Help!
You can turn Boomerang back on by clicking Tools >> Trust Center >> the Add-Ins panel on the left, then clicking the Go button at the bottom. This isn't supposed to happen. If Boomerang threw an error message, please email it to us at, and we'll try to fix it in our next build.
It still won't come back.
Send us an email at please!
How do I uninstall Boomerang?
Just go to the Control Panel, and you'll find Boomerang in the list of programs installed on your computer (Add/Remove Programs, or Programs and Features, depending on your Windows version). We're sorry to see you go. Please let us know what we could have done better.
How do I access my Boomeranged messages that haven’t returned yet?
Any messages that are currently pending with Boomerang will show up under the Boomerang folder in Outlook.
How do I schedule a message to Send Later?
This is actually a feature that is already built into Outlook called deferred sending. We have a blog post going over the details of how to accomplish this here.
Is there a way I can have a message Boomerang back to my inbox if nobody replies?
At this time, the option to have a message return if you do not receive a reply is only available in our web extension Boomerang for Gmail. This is a feature we would like to see as part of our Outlook product, but we do not have a timeline for release quite yet.
I would like my messages to return to a different folder. Is this possible?
Yes, you can change which folder messages return to. To make this change, simply right click on any message in the inbox and click Settings under the Boomerang menu. Within this window, you will see the option to select the return folder.
I’m getting a message that says my trial has expired, but I know I purchased Boomerang for Outlook. What’s going on?
This has happened in the past, after an update to Outlook accidentally cleared Add-on settings files where things like our product key are stored. It is nothing to be alarmed about, but you will need to put in your product key once again. You should be able to locate the key from the email you received after purchase. If you cannot find it please email and be sure to let us know the email address you believe you purchased the license with and we’ll be sure to send it your way.
Do I need to have admin rights in order to use Boomerang on my machine?
Yes, in order to get Boomerang working on your machine you will need to have admin rights for your user.
Will Boomerang work if I have more than one email set up in Outlook?
Yes, you can use Boomerang across multiple accounts. You will only be able to select one folder for the messages to return to, though, regardless of which account they were originally sent to.
I’m using a Mac. Can I still use Boomerang for Outlook Classic?
Currently Boomerang for Outlook Classic is not compatible with the Mac versions of Outlook. Regrettably, Microsoft does not provide Developer access to Outlook for Mac. If this becomes an option for us in the future, we will definitely work as fast as we can to make it work.