Boomerang for Outlook Classic

Boomerang for Outlook Classic - Easy, Integrated Email Reminders

Boomerang acts like a snooze button for an email message. It lets you clean up your Inbox without losing track of important messages and helps you manage messages that you can't deal with today, but that need attention or a response later.

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For Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

This does not work with Outlook 2016.

(Not Mac-compatible)

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  • Never lose track of important emails.
  • Always remember to follow up on messages later.
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Boomerang works like a snooze button for your email. If you get a message that needs your attention at a later time, just select the message, and choose a time from the dropdown. Boomerang will move the message to a storage folder (named Boomerang), and will bring it back to your Inbox at the time you requested. That way, the message gets your attention when you need it. Boomerang can even return the message flagged for follow up and marked unread.

Magical detection


If the email text contains a date and time, like Tuesday at 3 or tomorrow afternoon, Boomerang will automatically detect that time and suggest returning the message then, a day before, or a few hours before.

Don't clutter your calendar


Boomerang works much better than creating a calendar event out of a message. It doesn't clutter your calendar with email messages that aren't really appointments. And you can't accidentally close the reminder.

Achieve Inbox Zero


A fan of GTD or other productivity methods? Boomerang will help you achieve Inbox Zero without needing any external system besides Outlook. You can go home every evening without having to worry about piles of email.

Keep your Outlook setup


Boomerang has been extensively tested to make sure it won't slow down Outlook. It doesn't rearrange your messages or change Outlook from how you set it up.



Every action you take with Boomerang happens entirely on your computer. Your messages never leave your computer, and nothing about your email goes anywhere on the internet. Boomerang is safe, secure, and compatible with your network policies, no matter how stringent.

What people are saying

If you're like me, and you use your email in-box as your to-do list, you need Boomerang, by Baydin. This product literally changed my work life. -Sadalit Van Buren
Boomerang is a unique way to help you deal with email overload. It makes it easy to remember emails that you otherwise might have forgotten. -Matthew Guay, How-To Geek
This is truly brilliant; unlike flagging messages, which I often ignore, Boomerang pops e-mail back to the top of your inbox. -Dave Johnson -