Come work at Baydin

Baydin is changing the future of email. We get a lot done, but we have a lot of fun too. Want to be part of a small elite team that's making a difference for millions of users? Read on!


Full Time Positions

All positions are local to our Mountain View headquarters


If you're an engineer who loves email, we'd LOVE to talk!

We're overwhelmed with projects, engineering challenges (almost every request is a write), improvements, and new features that we're going crazy trying to build. We're generally sharp folks, and we work well together. We value readability and clarity over cleverness, aim for the simplest solution (then iterate), and when in doubt, prototype it, test it, and measure it.

Our stack is a Python backend, with JavaScript on the frontend of our browser plugins and Android Java for our Android App. We're looking for Python developers, Android developers, iOS developers, and JavaScript Developers. And generalists -- always generalists! A college degree in engineering is required.

Sound like fun? Email your resume to to apply!

Marketing Mad Scientist

Do you bring customers?

Baydin’s looking to bring on a mad scientist who wants to explore distribution channels, come up will brilliant ways to find new customers, turn those ideas into reality, then measure and track the results.

Driving growth is the hottest skill set in Silicon Valley right now, and we’ve already got working products that turn visitors into users and users into evangelists and paying customers. We’re looking for someone who wants to build distribution skills, armed with a marketing budget, a responsive and technically-savvy team, and products that users love.

If you’re a branding guru, already know we could make 5x as much money if we just changed our pricing, or are eager to tell our engineering team what to build the day you walk in the door, we'd like to introduce you to our competitors (they're hiring!) If you're thinking about how to get a million new installs through duct tape, great stories, hard work, and a few bucks here and there, we want to meet you ourselves! In other words, we’re looking for someone who wants to go out and do stuff even more than thinking up stuff to do.

Coding skills not required, but you should know your way around Excel.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Conceptualizing, Implementing, Executing, and Measuring marketing campaigns.
  • Building relationships with companies, outlets, and people who have audiences that are compatible with our products’ user bases.
  • Managing paid marketing channels and tracking the results.


  • A work ethic made of steel, steam, and fire. Plus explosives.
  • Enough “mathiness” to be able to track and measure the results of your efforts
  • Incredible ability to shrug off failure, get back on your feet, and try again
  • The ability to handle rejection when doing outreach, linkbuilding, etc.
  • Good judgement and a solid moral compass
  • An interest in productivity software in general, and email productivity in specific
  • Curiosity and appreciation for technology


  • If you can create HTML, that’s a plus. If not, we can teach you.
  • Some kind of skill/talent that translates to viral things. Writing, video-creation, comic books, anything goes. Persistence and hard work are more important, but viral traffic is free traffic.

While a resume and a good cover letter to is all we can really ask, the job description calls for something with a bit more panache. Surprise us!